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Laura Sessions Stepp: Is Hooking Up Detrimental To Women?

Laura Sessions Stepp: Is Hooking Up Detrimental To Women?

“Girls can’t be dudes in issues associated with heart, also though they believe they could,” claims Laura Sessions Stepp, writer of Unhooked: exactly how ladies Pursue Sex, Delay appreciate, and drop at Both, published in 2007.

Inside her view, “hooking up”—casual sexual intercourse which range from kissing to intercourse—places females in danger of “low self-esteem, despair, alcoholism, and consuming problems.” Stepp is just certainly one of half dozen reporters currently involved with the company of detailing the risks of casual sex.

Relationship Problems, Hookup Pleasures

Relationships are good for intercourse but, regrettably, they usually have a side that is dark well. Relationships are “greedy,” getting into the way in which of other activities that women wish to be doing as adolescents and adults that are young plus they are usually described as sex inequality—sometimes also violence.

Conversing with young adults, two of us (Hamilton and Armstrong) discovered that committed relationships detracted from just what ladies saw as primary tasks of university. The ladies we interviewed reported, as an example, that relationships managed to get hard to satisfy individuals. Continue reading “Laura Sessions Stepp: Is Hooking Up Detrimental To Women?”